America's Home for College Sports


The Largest, Most Attractive Fan Base In Sports

For marketers, college is the place to be, as intercollegiate athletics continues to grow in fan interest and value.

Examined in every key metric, college sports are more popular than ever. The highly attractive college sports fan base - the biggest in sports and growing - is driving sponsor participation, the launch of new conference networks, and media rights increases. All told, the entire industry has invested $25.5 billion to college rights fees over the next 15 years. For its part, IMG's multi-billion dollar rights commitments to our university and conference partners over the next decade demonstrate a steadfast bullishness on the value of the college space and our pride in serving our nation's institutions of higher learning.

The booming business of college sports continues to show significant promise due to one simple reason: all those people watching, attending games, cheering, purchasing school merchandise, and supporting the institutions of higher education so important to our society. All told, the fans of college sports comprise the largest, wealthiest, most diverse, and best educated base audience in all of sports.