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WME Opens Doors to Hollywood's College Deal

Nov 10, 2014

The highly acclaimed space epic Interstellar opened big this past weekend…with support from a college marketing program resulting from a unique WME-IMG collaboration.

With doors opened by WME, the parent company of IMG, Paramount is promoting Interstellar with a seven-school media buy at Cal, Mississippi, Oregon, Rutgers, South Carolina, UCLA, and Washington.  The Interstellar film trailer ran on video boards of these IMG partner schools at football games the past several weekends.  Radio and digital buys on IMG College networks also promoted the sweeping futuristic adventure.

This is the second college film marketing campaign developed by the IMG marketing team in recent weeks. Sawyer Studios’ 13-school deal supported the inspirational football movie, 23 BLAST, which opened in late October.

“Whether it’s a big studio, big budget, A-list actor Hollywood blockbuster, or a smaller independent  film, Hollywood is discovering how one-stop college marketing can contribute to a successful opening weekend,” said Matt Sganga, VP of US Business Development for IMG.